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Tub & Shower Wall Surrounds

Creating beautiful tub and shower wall surrounds has been Whitewater's specialty for decades. When Utah builders and homeowners think of Grout-Free tub and shower wall surrounds like cultured marble, they think of Whitewater. Well now we’ve given cultured marble a facelift, with our new Tyvarian products. Design and style like you’ve never seen before in the bathroom. 


I am very impressed with Whitewater and their effort to stay current and competitive in the market. The new Tyvarian line is extremely impressive in cost and color selections. Our buyers have been very excited about the new option they have to get a great looking product, that is included as a standard feature. Every buyer that I have shown it to since it became available has made the selection to have Tyvarian in their home.

- Designer for one of the top builders in Utah

Bathtub Wall Surround


Shower Wall Surrounds


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